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Thread: Breast pumps

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    Default Breast pumps

    Just wondering if any ladies could recommend a breast pump? Im hoping to express this time round (well trying to) as with my 1st I never got the hang of it so just breast fed all 3, though this time Im really going to try again, 21odd years ago when I tried the 1st time I attempted with a manual one so maybe a electric one would be better? been looking and just cant actually work out if any better as on ebay etc I see alot of 'only used once' 'never really got on with it so only used couple weeks' (why is this I wonder) etc, so am I wasting time/money on getting one?

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    I'm not any help as I've never used one, but if you don't get any advice, I always check amazon and argos websites - put in breast pumps, and they often have customer reviews and ratings. You do have to pay attention to how many reviews (two 5 star reviews would give a 10/10 rating, wheras something with 20 reviews may only have a 7/10 rating but you'll see a more reliable picture than just two ratings) - also you could check out
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    I recommend the Medala swing, I find it really good. I had an avent manual one but I prefer the the electric ones.
    Its quite pricey but honestly, its sooo worth it. Hasn't let me down yet

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    Hi I have always found expressing difficult too. With my first two I used a Tommee Tippee 'closer to nature' manual pump. It would take me about an hour to achieve 1-2oz! This time round I invested in a Medala Swing electric breast pump (they are expensive) and found it slightly better (I'd get 3-4oz a go). I have quite small boobs so never felt the 'fit' of breast pumps was good for me which is maybe why I didnt get on well with expressing though I produced ample milk when babys got it direct from breast. The Medala swing was definetly better than manual but for me was probably not worth the money. It does seem to get the best reviews, however, and as everyone is different it might be worth a go, particularly if you can find a cheap one somewhere. Good luck!

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