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Thread: Stuck for a name for a girl!

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    Default Stuck for a name for a girl!

    Hi all,

    I'm coming up on 16 weeks pregnant and staring to think properly about names. We have a name for a boy pretty much sorted, but for a girl we absolutely don't agree on anything! I was just looking for opinions on some of the names we respectively like, and also suggestions of anything that might be to both our tastes!

    I like:
    Aoife (ee-fa)
    Adelaide (although not sure it's wearable)
    Allegra (but everyone hates it)

    He likes:

    The only one in both of our maybe lists is Lucy, but although I like it, for me it's more of a middle name option rather than a first name as I have 3 Lucys in my family already!

    Thanks in advance!

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    I like Lacey, Adelaide, Amelie, Erin, Elsa and Freya. I also love Abby but don't think it's useable on it's own as it's a nickname.

    I don't like Aoife, Allegra, Elise, Eva, Eden (babyish), Mia (chavvy), Maisy (babyish), Harriet (too masculine), Isla (Sounds like 'Isle of....'), Juliet (Ugly and middle-aged) or Leoni at all.

    I love Anna but find Annabelle too fussy and trendy with the Belle ending.
    Penelope probably isn't that wearable, although I do really like it.
    Sophia's fine but I prefer Sophie. Both a bit trendy/popular though.
    Briony is a bit close to Brian. I know a Briony who really hates her name for this reason.

    I agree that, as you have 3 Lucy's in our family already, you should keep it as a middle name option.

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    I like Briony, Elise, Eva and Juliet.
    Love love love Eden - gorgeous!
    Sorry but I don't like any of his suggestions all that much - Lucy is nice but as has already been said maybe not if there's already 3 in the family!
    Leoni, Mia, Erin and Allegra are all really chavvy where I live, sorry!
    Quite like Adelaide, but I see your point about it being usable - in short I don't really know!
    Currently love -

    Gabriel, Jesse, Lev, Jude, Ira, Victor, Theodore, Ezra and Gideon.
    Hester, Evadne, Juno, Clemency/tine, Ariadne, Emilia, Blythe, Valentina and Agnes.

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    I like:
    Aoife (ee-fa) - lovely
    Adelaide (although not sure it's wearable) - not keen
    Annabelle - too fussy for me
    Allegra (but everyone hates it) - sounds like a musical term
    Amelie - used to really like this but going off it now, seems a bit pretentious maybe?
    Briony - like this
    Elise - don't like
    Erin - love love love this
    Eva - lovely
    Elsa - an old lady name to me
    Eden - lovely
    Freya - very nice
    Harriet - quite nice
    Isla - always think Isle of ...
    Juliet - don't like
    Leoni - don't like
    Mia - not keen
    Penelope - pitstop
    Sophia - very nice

    fave by far is Erin, but also really like Aoife, Eden and Eva

    He likes:
    Abby - really like but as a nn for Abigail
    Lacey - ok
    Maisy - not keen, reminds me of a mouse

    Abby is the best of these but best overall is Erin
    Mummy to
    Charlie Samantha Valentine (15)
    Joshua James Levi (8)

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    I love Adelaide, Amelie, Sophia,Mia,Lacey, Abby, Briony, Juliet, Freya,Erin, Juliet Elsa (with the nickname Elsie), elise thoughprfer it as a nickname and Penelope though wiould only use it if the baby suited it all beautiufkl names
    Aoife pretty ut would use it unless you irish becasue of the purnciation problems
    I dont like
    Allegra (sounds olike a country), Eva, Harriet (though I love the nickname Hattie), Isla (sounds like eye lid), Leoni and Maisy (too babyish and cutesy)
    how about?
    Keira, Emma, Maeve, Niamh, Orla, Annelise/Annalise, Caroline, Genevieve, Matilda, Charlotte, Eleanor,Elizabeth, Evelyn, Ivy, Lily/Lilly, Madeline/Madeleine/Madelyn, Olivia, Violet,Abigail, Amelia, Angelina, Francesca, Ophelia, Audrey, Ava, Gabriella, Isabelle/Isabel/Isobel, Ruby, Sienna, Sophie, Alexandra, Hannah, Grace, Natalia, Emily, Isabella, Aaliyah, Autumn, Chloe,Cecilia, Ellie, Harmony, Cara/Kara, Courtney, Farrah, Fiona, Gabriella, Eve, Lila/Lilah/Lyla, Scarlett, Lauren, Amy/Aimee/Amie, Megan, Caitlin, Jasmine, Anna, Zoe, Alice, Ruth, Arianna/Ariana, Nina, Ella, Annie, Georgia, Ruby, Beatrice, Esme (ez-may), Imogen, Eloise, Georgina, Louisa, Josephine,Flora, Luna, Willow, Roxanne, Eliza, Mallory, Stephanie, Angelica, Hermione, Hailey/Hayley/Haley, Phoebe, Felicity,Arabella, Daniella, Rebecca, Holly, Molly, Millie, Katie, Sara, Alyssa, Jessica, Jodie, Naomi, Heather,
    current favourites

    Mia Rose, Lily Madeleine, Anastasia Hallie, Savannah Carly, Ebony Maeve, Sophie Annelise, Emma Felicty, Brooklyn Matilda


    Hayden James, Zack Riley, Seth Alexander, Jacob William, Damian Isaac, Dean Nicholas, Dominic Tyler

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    I really love pretty much all of your names apart from Adelaide & Allegra which I find really ugly. Your other half seems to like names ending in the y/ee sound, are there any names you like that end with that? How about:

    Elsie (Pronounced Ell-see)
    Romilly (pronounced rom-er-lee)
    Maddison 'Maddy'
    Addison 'Addy'
    Amelia 'Millie'
    Josephine 'Josie'
    Rose / Rosabelle / Rosena 'Rosie'
    Annalise 'Annie'
    Isabelle 'Izzy'
    Saffron 'Saffie'
    Matilda 'Tillie'
    Charlotte 'Lottie'
    Jessica 'Jessie'
    Eva 'Evie'
    Alexa 'Lexie'
    Olivia 'Livvie'
    Clara, Autumn, Marlow'
    Lain, Rafferty

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    West Yorkshire


    I really like Eva, Isla, Freya and Sophia. Really dislike Harriet, Eden, Briony and Penelope. The rest are okay, but I think Anna is much nicer than Annabelle!

    Out of his names, my favourite is Maisy, although I'd spell it Maisie, otherwise it reminds me of that cartoon mouse!
    Lillian, Ophelia, Chiara, Elodie

    Cesare, Giorgio, Isaiah, Arlo

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    Aoife (ee-fa) So beautiful and pretty. I really like.
    Adelaide (although not sure it's wearable) Adelaide is very wearable, and quite nice. I like it, though it wouldn't be my favourite from your list.
    Annabelle Love, but as the -belle names are so popular now I'd avoid.
    Allegra (but everyone hates it) I really don't like this. It has a harsh, unfeminine sound.
    Amelie Beautiful, on my own list.
    Briony Dislike as its a derivative of Brian, and seems overly American.
    Elise Nice, but there are nicer options on your list.
    Erin Lovely but a bit bland and boring.
    EvaSimple, classy and stunning. I'm a huge fan.
    Elsa Sounds like a dogs name to me, sorry.
    Eden On my own list, I really like. Especially the nn Edie.
    Freya Pretty but rising in popularity, fast.
    Harriet Masculine sounding. I don't like.
    Isla Loved up until three days ago, when someone introduced their baby to be as Iss-lah, spelled like this. Pronounciation could be issues.
    Juliet So lovely.
    Leoni I don't like any of the Leo- names on girls (ie Leona, Leah etc) so I don't like this. Looks incomplete too.
    Mia Nice but far too common.
    Penelope Lovely, especially for the nn Penny.
    Sophia Prefer Sophie. Too popular.

    He likes:
    Abby Prefer Abbie but too nicknamey for my taste.
    Lacey I really really don't like this name, comes across as cheap and tacky.
    Maisy Prefer Maisie, and I only like it as a nn for May.

    You have a lovely list! My favourites are:
    Amelie, Eva, Eden and Juliet

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    Jun 2011


    Aoife (ee-fa) - Really nice
    Adelaide (although not sure it's wearable) - never been sure on this one, but i do quite like the sound
    Annabelle - never liked this, sorry... I just find it a bit of a sickly sweet name
    Allegra (but everyone hates it) - Not keen myself, I just think Austin Allegro and that was way before my time
    Amelie - love it
    Briony - Quite nice. Have a friend name this but spelt Bryony
    Elise - It's ok
    Erin - Quite like
    Eva - Lovely
    Elsa - Lovely sound, but will always be an acronym to me as it's used in many of my local schools
    Eden - It's ok, growing on me slightly but I don't love it
    Freya - Lovely
    Harriet - Quite like this too
    Isla - Again, lovely
    Juliet - Growing on me
    Leoni - Not keen
    Mia - Not keen
    Penelope - Bit much for me. I know one who always goes by Penny as she doesn't like her full name. I'm not keen on Penny as a nickname either
    Sophia - Nice but seems to be getting popular

    He likes:
    Abby - It's ok but I think needs a full name to fall back on. Having said that I'm not keen on Abigail, and I know of an Abbi but prefer it the way you have spelt it.
    Lacey - bad memories of a horrible kid for me so have been put off bigtime, sorry!
    Maisy - Dislike this, find it bizarre on an adult (and I know an adult one!)

    Isaac Edwin Dennis Ivor Amadeus
    Ottilie Harriet Aurelia Beatrice

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    I love Aoife, Eva, Amelie and Freya. I would say Aoife is my favourite overall, just because its not as popular/trendy as the others but its still beautiful.

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