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Thread: Who here is actively TTC? or WTT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJ View Post
    Yep. Been trying since a couple weeks before we got married last summer, so about 8 months now :L
    it'll happen soon I tried to stop mentally trying and got on with life ie losing weight getting another job etc, and I honestly believe that helped especially the weight loss

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    Where's the TTC support thread gone? Sure i've seen one before... nevermind!

    back on track with TTC now after having stopped trying for a month due to a really stressful month at work. Just spent close to 100 on a clear blue fertility monitor and all the various stuff that comes with it (and pregnancy tests - wishful thinking). Hope it's worth it! Only been trying for December, Jan and Feb and then stopped for a month, so just about to go into 4th month of trying. Fingers crossed Will keep you all updated.
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    Me and my partner are going to start trying in Jan 2012 after having an ectopic pregnancy the end of 2009 and losing my right tube we thought we would move in together and do some stuff we want to do before having a baby I also have polycystic ovarys so along with one tube may take a while to conceive but I can't wait to start trying!!

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    So sorry for your loss, best of luck TTC x

    Polly, I have no idea where its gone I'll make another in a sec!

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