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Thread: Gender reveal & Baby showers

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    Default Gender reveal & Baby showers

    Is anyone planning on having either a gender reveal party or a baby shower? Because we weren't planning on finding out what we were having I haven't told anyone we know yet and I don't really know what to do. I did like the idea of a gender reveal party. Has anyone been to one or thought about having one? What about a baby shower? I didn't have one the first time due to an awful pregnancy and being really poorly but I definitely want one this time!
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    I didn't have a gender reveal party, but I know someone who did and it was so sweet! She made cupcakes with a blue filling (she was having a boy) and handed one each out to her guests. Then her and her DH made a toast and invited everyone to bite into the cupcakes and the gender was revealed.

    I think it was a beautiful way of doing it, for sure. So I'd do something like that if I were to ever do it.

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    That is so cute. A programme called cake boss on discovery real time had something like that but the parents didn't know either. They gave the baker a sealed envelope and he did the filling, I think it was pink, then the parents found out with all their friends and family. So tempted to do one. Do you think I should combine it with the baby shower so I'm not milking it lol? My family do say that I never need an excuse to throw a party!
    My gorgeous girl "Peep" 04.01.11 & my beautiful baby girl "Pops" 07.08.12

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    Aw, that's incredibly sweet, how adorable! That's probably where the couple I know got the idea from
    A baby shower gender reveal party sounds fab, I'd definitely go if I were invited to one. There are all kinds of fun games to play and you'll have a great time. I say go for it!

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    Aw that sounds like a really cute idea, i had never thought of that before!! My friends at uni threw me a baby shower when i was pregnant with Libby, it was sweet, they all got me gifts and there was cake... but then everyone else just got drunk and i just watched them! Then i went to bed. The joys of being pregnant! I can't moan, can't wait to be pregnant again!
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