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Thread: Name Game - Frankennames

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    Default Name Game - Frankennames

    ((Hope this is in the right place!))

    Ok, so my friend Mike and I were talking about names and how sometimes parents will make 'creative' combinations of their names to get new ones for their kids. Then we started coming up with ridiculous combinations of our own which was insanely fun. Scarily, I could imagine some peculiar people actually using some of them!

    I thought I'd post some of the best ones here and then see what you guys can come up with : D For each one I'll put the name, the proposed pronunciation and the two names that created them.

    Elizageoff (ee-liz-a-jeff) - Elizabeth and Geoffrey
    Roberphie (rob-a-fee) - Robert and Sophie
    Penelopete (pen-ell-oh-peet) - Penelope and Peter
    Nigelica (nie-jell-ick-a) - Nigel and Angelica
    Lionemma (lie-nemma) - Lionel and Emma
    Fatimothy (fat-im-oh-thee) - Fatima and Timothy
    Fiowen (fee-owe-en) - Fiona and Owen
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    Out of interest are these girls names or boys?! LOL

    Lukianna - (Lu-kee-AHN-ah) Luke and Julianna
    Riceila - (Ri-kay-la) Richard/Rick and Sheila
    Susacott - (soo-za-cot) Susanna and Scott

    Jennaul - (Je-nawl) Jennifer and Paul
    Marbert - (Mar-bert) Mary and Robert
    Thomaryn - (Tom-ar-in) Thomas and Kathryn

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    I still think the best one I heard in a while is from The Hunger Games, all the fan girls have combined the names of the two main characters. Katniss + Peeta = Peeniss, lol.

    Steveva - Steve and Eva
    Grannah - Graham + Hannah
    Brendonna - Brendan + Donna

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    Emack - Emma and Jack
    Haybert -Hayley and Robert
    Jonatilda - Jonathan and Matilda
    Rosimon - Rose and Simon
    Lauricola - Laurence and Nicola
    Michobel - Michael and Isobel

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    Oohh me and OH would be Brolly!! (Brian and Polly!).
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    Roley- Robert and Ashley
    Tristona- Tristan and Fiona
    Patronna- Patrick and Donna
    Danily- Daniel and Lily
    Luohn (Lu-on)- Lucy and John
    Rosilliam- Rose and William
    Chareith- Charlotte and Keith
    Briael (Bree-al)- Brianna and Michael
    Emron- Emma and Aaron

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    Thomothy- Thomas and Dorothy
    Louby- Louise and Toby
    Jessicvid-Jessica and David

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    Liljamin - Lily & Benjamin
    Joantopher - Joanne & Christopher
    Zachola - Zachary & Nicola
    Archerry - Archie & Kerry
    Kirmon - Kirstie & Simon
    Aliseph - Alice & Joseph
    Lauromas - Laura & Thomas
    Faye Elizabeth

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