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Thread: Alphabet Naming?

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    This would honestly never have crossed my mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamaka View Post
    fair play and good luck to the future (still say ''never say never'' lol)
    Well my oldest just asked what I was doing as I was muttering, so I said mummy's thinking of baby names. His reply: *loud sigh* no more babies, they cry & poo... The ruler has spoken, no more babies!

    Quote Originally Posted by HBMoose View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by Iona View Post
    My mum brought this up recently actually as there are 4 of us and 3 are I, J and K.L purely by coincendence, so she thought maybe she should go with M for the last one. So your mum isn't the only one!
    Thank god it isn't just my mum!! Of course you should go with an M for the last one though
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    I wouldn't intentionally do it but if it happened by coincidence I'd find it sweet.

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    It is not something I have ever considered before!

    I think I'd be more likely to use the same letter for all my children than the next one along. My mum's initials are exactly the same as mine and my sisters though so that's something I decided to avoid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alpacababy View Post
    My mum's initials are exactly the same as mine and my sisters though so that's something I decided to avoid.
    I love so many girl names beginning with A (my daughter was nearly Annelise) but I thought the other day if I had more than one with the same initials then the post coming would be very confusing!
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