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Thread: Etienne

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    I too like Etienne and feel it is perfectly useable (would leave off the accent though). It is nice to hear of some different boys names being used. People tend to be far more 'daring' with girls' names but less so with boys. There are a lot of nice French boys names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewMama22 View Post
    The problem with Aubrey is that it was used by three of the girls on 16 and Pregnant on their daughters so its now sky rocketed in popularity in the USA. I've never met an Aubrey either but I do see it as a girls name because of that.
    Ah I don't really watch that series, I've seen a few and I tend to just think it promotes teenage pregnancy but that's a whole other story. I understand the point and can see why people think it's girly just because of where they here and it's a shame most of the country thinks that way and this is what takes the boys names away - when in fact they're great boys names.

    However, I'm not too concerned, it's not one of my top choices anyway I just think it's a handsome name and I'd be brave enough to use it, along with names like Avery and Harper.
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