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Thread: Current favourites

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    Default Current favourites

    Not that I am thinking about another child just yet but wondered what you thought of my current favourites!

    Which go best with Cara do you think?





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    Lydia Beautiful. Nice with Cara, too.
    Naomi Don't like this because it spells "I moan" backwards. Its quite different stylistically to Cara.
    Jessa Not a fan at all.
    Nina Lovely, nice with Cara.
    Orla/Orlaith Matches Cara best imo.
    Lyndsey/Lindsay Dated and awful, I'd avoid unless honouring someone special.
    Brooke Quite chavvy and abrupt sounding.

    I like Nina and Orlaith best.


    Rhys Don't like at all.
    Rory Lovely and sounds great with Cara.
    Josiah Don't like at all.
    Aidan So so handsome, one of my favourites, it seems that the tryndees have ruined it though Sounds nice with Cara.
    Samuel Handsome. I like.
    Lauchlan I prefer Lachlan. Not a huge fan but nice with Cara.
    Callum Love this.

    I think Rory goes best with Cara and is the nicest too.

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    Lydia-beautiful and goes really well with Cara
    Naomi- same as Lydia
    Jessa- pretty as a nickname for Jessica, Jessame or Jessamine (jess-a-meen) but to nicknamy on its own
    Nina-0 gorgeus and Nina and Cara sounds so pretty together
    Orla/Orlaith- dont like dont know I just dont know though
    Lyndsey/Lindsay- dont like find it really dated and not very pretty
    Brooke- gorgeus Ive loved this name for a while

    Rhys- not keen
    Rory- goreus and goes really well with Cara
    Josiah- recently started to like lthis after meeting a little boy named it and he went by Joey which i thouht was cute
    Aidan- love but preer Hayden and Cara and Aidan go well together
    Samuel- not keen I find it so boring and plain but theirs wrong with it
    Lauchlan- dont like dont know why though
    Callum- gorgues I loe this name and Cara and Callum sound really cute ogether
    current favourites

    Mia Rose, Lily Madeleine, Anastasia Hallie, Savannah Carly, Ebony Maeve, Sophie Annelise, Emma Felicty, Brooklyn Matilda


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    Lydia - lovely name but slightly put off by the chlamydia similarity
    Naomi - definitely put off by the 'I moan' backwards
    Jessa - very nice, though should probably be a nn for Jessica, how about Jenna? Goes very well with Cara
    Nina - growing on me
    Orla/Orlaith - nice but does sound like hola in Spanish
    Lyndsey/Lindsay - very dated
    Brooke - lovely

    Faves with Cara are Jessa, Nina or Brooke


    Rhys - ok
    Rory - don't like
    Josiah - love this
    Aidan - ok
    Samuel - nice
    Lauchlan - not a fan
    Callum - ok

    Fave is Josiah, though think Rhys matches Cara really well
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    Lydia , cruel to name a child this with the sti 'jokes'
    Naomi, ok
    Jessa,sweet a nn
    Nina, dislike
    Orla/Orlaith, like this
    Lyndsey/Lindsay dislike
    Brooke, horrible name sorry
    Rhys ok
    Rory dislike
    josiah ok but not overly keen
    Aidan again ok
    Samuel like this
    Lauchlan think pn probs but still ok
    Callum not keen

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    Lydia - I like, dont know if I'd use it though
    Naomi - Not keen on it, sorry
    Jessa - Again, I dislike it. No reason why I just dislike 'Jess' names
    Nina - Pretty, reminds me of Imagination Movers though lol
    Orla/Orlaith - Not something I could use, it's ok
    Lyndsey/Lindsay - I like it, I know one that's put me off the name but its pretty
    Brooke - LOVE!

    To go with Cara I like Lindsay & Brooke.

    Rhys - Love!
    Rory - Love but always feel this should be a NN
    Josiah - Love!
    Aidan - Sorry the stupid 'den' trend put me off this, shame as its nice
    Samuel - Lovely classic name
    Lauchlan - Dislike, not sure why though
    Callum - It's ok, just a little 'bland' in my opinion for some reason.

    My fave's with Cara would be Rhys, Josiah or Samuel
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    Lydia - Love it
    Naomi - Alright but not particularly nice sounding. I may be put of by a really nasty one I know though.
    Jessa - Sounds incomplete. I like Jess and Jessie nicknames but would use Jessica as a full name.
    Nina - Reminds me of the sound an emergency vehicle makes makes. Quite chavvy too.
    Orla/Orlaith - Ugly and masculine.
    Lyndsey/Lindsay - Very dated. I can't help but think of Lindsay Lohan. And I don't like the way it looks either.
    Brooke - Dated and a bit harsh. Also a bit chavvy. I really like it though.


    Rhys - Bit chavvy and not much sound to it.
    Rory - I like it but can't help think of the 'roar' sound of an animal when saying it out loud. I find it too nickname-y to use alone and would use it as a nickname for Gregory.
    Josiah - Too biblical and I hate the name Joe which might be hard to avoid.
    Aidan - Love but put off by it's extreme chavvyness recently.
    Samuel - Love but it's so popular I'm not sure if I would use it. I don't like Samuel so much but I love Sam.
    Lauchlan - Think this would get pronounced Lork-lin too often so i'd use one of the other spellings. I don't like the sound though and it's too distinctly Scottish.
    Callum - Plain. Its a bit similar to Cara but I wouldn't be too put off if you really love it.

    I think Cara and Rory go well together or Cara and Rhys. I'd go with Cara and Brooke/Naomi for a girl. I don't think Lydia, Jessa and Nina sound good with Cara cos of the repeated end sound.

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    Lydia - Not that keen
    Naomi - Lovely. Not sure it 'matches' Cara but that doesn't necessarily matter.
    Jessa - Seems as though there's something missing, not too keen
    Nina - Really dislike this
    Orla/Orlaith - Another lovely one. Goes well with Cara too. I like both spellings.
    Lyndsey/Lindsay - I find this a bit dated too
    Brooke - Not keen


    Rhys - Personally nto a fan but it's ok
    Rory - Quite like this. Works well with Cara
    Josiah - Not sure
    Aidan - Lovely but have to agree with everyone else, it's been hijacked by the rest of the -dens
    Samuel - Lovely
    Lauchlan - Not too keen, I find it sounds a bit sharp
    Callum - It's ok

    Favourites would be Naomi and Orla/ ith, Rory & Samuel

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    Lydia - Lovely, Cara & Lydia go well together
    Naomi - Really adore Naomi, so lovely.
    Jessa - Dislike this, very incomplete. How about Jessamine?
    Nina - Nice
    Orla/Orlaith - Really dislike this, I find it ugly and too much like the word oral.
    Lyndsey/Lindsay - Horribly old fashioned.
    Brooke - Beautiful, goes well with Cara

    Rhys - Lovely, goes well with Cara
    Rory - Great, Cara & Rory are sweet together
    Josiah - Horrible & ugly. I would imagine a Josiah to be a weird child.
    Aidan - Ok, but a bit chavy where I live
    Samuel - Nice, Cara & Samuel works well
    Lauchlan - Not overly keen but its ok
    Callum - Never been a fan but its ok
    Clara, Autumn, Marlow'
    Lain, Rafferty

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