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Thread: Eliza/Libby

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    I think that Libby from Eliza is fine although it make more sense with Olivia. (The *v* and *b* sounds are very similar imo).

    I have a friend who just named her daughter Libby so I think some people see it as a name in its own right now.

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    I think Eliza and Libby work. If you call her that from a child it will catch on and its not totally understandably! plus libby is really pretty. Libby/Olivia is fine too

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    JJ - Oops sorry! it was Sunday morning and i was half asleep!! What an idiot.

    I just think they're too different really i suppose to explain the link between them, but i don't think that it should necessarily stop someone if they really wanted to use Eliza as the full name and Libby as nn, i know someone whos actual name is Isabelle and her nn is Kitty... i don't suppose there's a rule that says you have to be able to get the nn from the full name!

    It's obvious that my opinion is that Libby is a name in it's own right now anyway, but i know that's not everyones opinion.
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    not going to start another debate but I cant see Libby as a nn for Olivia or Eliza

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