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Thread: Space-Themed Names

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    Default Space-Themed Names

    I love anything to do with space and astronomy, so have had a look at some names that are space-themed.
    Tell me what you think

    Adhara, Adara - the name of one of the brightest stars in the sky.
    Alula - the palindromic name of the first double star to be identified as physically related to it's twin (so could be a twin's name!)
    Alya - the name of a star system.
    Andromeda - comes from Greek mythology. Was the name of a beautiful woman who became a star.
    Ascella - a star system in Sagittarius, so could be appropriate for Sagittarius babies!
    Astra - means 'of the stars'.
    Atria - the name of a star in a constellation.
    Aurora - the name of the Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears turned into morning dew.
    Capella - the 11th brightest star in the sky.
    Chara - the name of a star in a constellation.
    Luna - the name of the Roman goddess of the moon.
    Meissa - a star in Orion.
    Nashira - a giant star in Capricorn.
    Navi - nickname for a star given by an astronaut.
    Nova - astronomical term for a star that suddenly increases in brightness, then fades.
    Shaula - a star in Scorpio.
    Talitha - the name of two stars.
    Venus - the name of a heavenly planet, and the Roman goddess of beauty and love.
    Zaniah - the name of a triple star system in Virgo.
    Zosma - a star in the constellation of Leo.

    Alioth - one of the brightest stars, and one of the major navigational stars used by ships.
    Altair - the 11th brightest star in the sky.
    Aries - the starsign.
    Izar - means 'star'.
    Jupiter - the largest planet.
    Orion - a constellation and star.

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    The only ones I like are:

    Girls: Luna. Aurora is ok and I quite like the sound of Alula. Dislike the rest.

    Altair - on my own guilty pleasure list. It also means flying/eagle which is quite fitting as the constellations it's in is Aquila (nerd moment ) and I love birds.
    Orion - another guilty pleasure as I wouldn't be brave enough to use it.

    The rest of them to me are just too 'out there'. Capella sounds too much like A Capella and a juice brand! Nova and Astra are Vauxhall cars.

    The worst space name I ever heard was from one of the teachers at my old college; his daughter was named Io after one of Jupiter's moons.

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    The only girl's name I like is Alula and even than I am not a massive fan of. I swear there were a few names in Harry Potter that were space related that I liked but I can't remember them off the top of my head!

    I used to REALLY like Orion, I think its lovely but I am really put off by the fact that it looks so much like onion!

    How about Sirius?
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    Like Aurora & Luna from the girls name list, wouldn't use any of the others, or any of the boys names, myself though
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    I know a girl called Capella. I remember thinking it was really strange when I first met her. I didn't know it was space themed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HBMoose View Post
    Nova and Astra are Vauxhall cars.
    Oh dear, I didn't know that! It's a shame really, as both could be pretty names in my opinion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louise123 View Post
    How about Sirius?
    Oh yes, another space name! Sirius is the name of a bright star in the constellation called 'Canis Major'.
    I don't personally like it as a name, as it sounds too much like 'serious'!

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    Talitha could be useable with the nickname Tally/Talia. That's all I can get from those really.
    I know a little girl called Orion after the star. I find in masculine on a girl but now I know her I don't think I could see it on a boy either.

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    I love Luna, Aurora, and Chara from the girls list, and Orion has long been one of my favourite boy names. Just don't have the guts to use it!

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    How about Seren for a girl? It's the Welsh for star I believe and is absolutely beautiful. Astrid could also make a nice alternative for Astra?
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