Pronunciation:lek see

Variations:Lexie, Lexii

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About Lexi

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Lexi is an undeniably cool name and rolls off the tongue very easily. It is certainly less stuffy than Alexandra, but more feminine than Alex. For parents looking for a hip name for their baby girl, Lexi is a great choice.

Detailed Meaning

The name Lexi originated as a pet form of the names Alexandra, Alexa or Alexis, all feminine forms of the Greek name Alexander, meaning ‘man’s defender.’

Famous People With This Name

Lexi Ainsworth is an Americna actress, Lexi Alexander is a German filmmaker, Lexie Feeny is a famous archer while Lexi Lane is an American professional wrestler.

Possible Nicknames

It could be argued that Lexi itself is a nickname, since it is a pet form of names such as Alexandra, Alexa or Alexis. However Lexi can be shortened even further to Lex, which makes for a short and direct nickname.

Related Names

As stated above, Lexi is a pet form of all “Alex” names, so is related to Alexandra, Alexa, and Alexis.

Stories Featuring This Name

Lexi Bunny is a character from “Loonatics Unlashed,” Lexi Carver is a character from the American soap opera “Days of our Lives,” Lexi Grey is a character from “Grey’s Anatomy” and Lexi King is a character on British soap opera, “Emmerdale.”

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