5 Fun Ways to Announce Your Chosen Baby Name

So, you’ve found the perfect baby name – congratulations! The hard part is over and you’re ready to share the wonderful news with all your family and friends. But instead of just blurting it out mid-conversation with someone, why not announce it in a way that is memorable and fun? Read on for a list of 5 fun ways to announce your chosen baby name.

1) Take a Memorable Photo

One of the best ways to make an announcement is with a memorable photo. You can either you can take it when you’re still pregnant or you can wait till your baby has been born. If you want to take a photo while you’re pregnant, you can write your chosen baby name on your belly, pose with a sign or even tie a ribbon around your belly with a big gift tag, to make it look like a present!

Alternatively, you can take your photo when you have given birth. We suggest taking a photo with a custom onesie that has their name on it or take a family photo with a sign that has your newborn’s name on it.

2) Get Savvy with Social Media

If you love social media, then use it to announce your baby name! You can even combine it with the idea above and share your memorable photo across all the different social platforms. Alternatively, you can get someone to design a name graphic for you and share that as well.

Another idea is reserving a social media URL for your child. Perhaps you can use it to start Tweeting or Instagramming under your baby’s name, or use it to build up excitement for your birth. If you are even more of a tech guru, you can consider buying the domain to your baby’s name and creating a simple blog that journeys your pregnancy, which you can give to them when they get older.

3) Make a Game Out Of It 

Perhaps one of the best places to make your baby name announcement is at your baby shower. You can start a game of Hangman, Scrabble or even make a special crossword puzzle for your friends and family to solve. Another idea is that you can create an Easter egg-type hunt, where you hide all the letters of your baby’s name around your party venue and get your guests to work together to find all the clues and put them together. Not only is it a fun way to entertain the people at your shower, but it also builds up the suspense before the big reveal!

4) Customise, Customise, Customise 

It is so simple to get just about anything customised these days, which is perfect for making a baby name announcement! You can include customised treats in the gift bags at your baby shower – we think sweets, chocolates and anything edible would go down a treat with your guests. Customised balloons, banners and cards would also make great decorations. If you want to go down the traditional route, you can customise some cigars as well!

5) Make a Keepsake 

Treat yourself and make a special keepsake that you can also show off to family and friends. You can paint your baby’s name onto the wall of your nursery or use wooden or light up letters to spell it out. Perhaps you can even make a special embroidered blanket for your baby. For something extra special, we think matching mum and baby jewelry with the baby’s name on it would be a lovely trinket to have for years to come. You can take photos or even bring these keepsakes with you when making your baby name announcement.

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