Meaning:Valley; church official



Variations:Deen, Deyn

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About Dean

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Dean is a distinctly masculine sounding boy’s name and would be perfect for parents looking for something strong for their baby boy.

Detailed Meaning

Dean comes from the Old English word ‘denu’, which would have been given as a surname to those who lived near a valley. It is also an occupational name for a church, university or group supervisor. Now it is commonly used as a first name.

Famous People With This Name

Dean Martin is an American singer and actor. Dean Potter is an American rock climber and extreme athlete. Dean Ambrose is an American professional wrestler.

Possible Nicknames

Possible nicknames for Dean include De or Deanie/Deany.

Related Names

Dean can also be spelt Deen and Deyn.

Stories Featuring This Name

Dean Winchester is the main protagonist from CW’s television show, “Supernatural.” Dean Thomas is a character from the “Harry Potter” book and film series. Dean Wicks in a character from the BBC One soap opera, “Eastenders.”

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