Pronunciation:HAY mish

Variations:Hamishe, Hammish

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About Hamish

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Hamish has become increasing popular as a first name in recent times, reinvigorating this traditional Scottish name with a sense of modernity.

Detailed Meaning

Hamish is a name deriving from the Gaelic name Seamus and is the Scottish equivalent of the English name James. Hamish can be seen as a surname or a given name.

Famous People With This Name

Hamish Blake is an Australian comedian, whose half of the double act Hamish & Andy, Hamish Carter is a triathlete who won an Olympic gold medal at the Summer Games in Athens 2004 and Hamish Linklater is an American actor known for his role on “The New Adventures of Old Christine.”

Possible Nicknames

Possible nicknames could be Hames, Mish and even Mishy. Ham could also be a nickname, although it is also the name of a food, so might get confusing.

Related Names

Possible alternative spellings are Hamishe and Hammish.

Stories Featuring This Name

John Hamish Watson, more commonly known as Dr. Watson, is Sherlock Holmes’s closest companion in the detective series, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Hamish is a character from the television show “Mr Meaty,” on Nickelodeon. Hamish Macbeth is a fictional detective in the book and television series of the same name.

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