Meaning:crowned with a laurel


Pronunciation:lor en zo

Variations:Lawrence, Enzo

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About Lorenzo

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Lorenzo may sound distinctly Italian but that doesn’t mean that parents from other cultures can’t choose this name for their baby boy!

Detailed Meaning

Lorenzo is an Italian version of the English name Lawrence. It was originally a name given to a person from the Roman city Laurentum. It is a fairly uncommon name in the UK, but more popular in the US.

Famous People With This Name

Lorenzo Lamas is an American Actor. Lorenzo Alexander is an American football player. Lorenzo Ferrero is an Italian composer and librettist.

Possible Nicknames

Possible nicknames for Lorenzo include Lor and Enzo.

Related Names

Some related names are Lawrence and Enzo.

Stories Featuring This Name

Lorenzo Calderon is a fictional character from the television show “Pretty Little Liars.” Lorenzo ‘Enzo’ St John is a character from the television series “The Vampire Diaries.”

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