Pronunciation:FEE zah

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About Fiza

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Fiza is a predominantly Muslim name that is popular with families of that culture. It is also a name found in India as well.

Detailed Meaning

The name Fiza is most likely of Urdu origin and is popular with Muslim parents. The name means “breeze.”

Famous People With This Name

Fiza is a rather rare name, so there are not many famous people who have this name.

Possible Nicknames

Fiza is a difficult name to create a nickname for, but possible options include Fi, Fifi, or perhaps even Zaza. All of them sound very affectionate.

Related Names

A name that sounds very much like Fiza is Faizah, although that has a completely different meaning (it means successful) but it is also a girls name.

Stories Featuring This Name

Fiza is the name of a Indian action crime film made in 2000. The main character, who is called Fiza, is a man however, so this suggests that the name can be unisex.

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