What Are the Hottest Trends Set to Influence Baby Names in 2019?

Whether we realise it or not, as a society we are hugely influenced by the latest trends and fads – be that consciously or unconsciously.

From the resurgence of Reebok classics in fashion to the explosion of houseplants and macrame in people’s homes, 2018 has seen a real-retro takeover.

But what about when it comes to naming our babies?

Analysing data from across the last year, parenting website Babycentre has pulled together 4 big trend predictions for 2019.

So whether you’re looking to find on-trend name inspiration for your bundle of joy, really don’t want to follow the crowd or are just curious about what’s new in the world of baby names, read on…

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We know our children are mesmerised by shows like Hey Duggee and Paw Patrol but apparently parents are captivated too.

Ryder, Chase, Marshall and Rocky are all on the rise – and the names Roly (one of Duggee’s squirrels) and Bing (from the Cbeebies’ show) were both registered for the first time last year.

Animation on the big screen is also making an impact. Thanks to the Peter Rabbit film, Peter is rising up the rankings and Jemima and Beatrix could feature more next year.

And we’ll undoubtedly hear more of Anna, Elsa and Kristoff (from Frozen) too – with the new film on the horizon in 2019.

TV boxsets

TV shows and pop culture have been influencing baby name trends for decades but the shows that will make the most impact next year are the latest binge-worthy boxsets.

From new BBC smash shows like The Bodyguard and Killing Eve to firm favourites such as HBO’s Game of Thrones, expect Eve, Aria and even Villanelle or Oksana to be infiltrating the most popular baby girl names’ lists.

The 70s

We mentioned the return of 70s trend macrame to our interiors and it seems we’re also turning to the flower-powered decade for naming inspiration.

After a nod to the 80s last year, we’re going even further back in time and retro names like Patricia, Susan, Brian and Cliff could all be back with a bang in 2019 (yes, really).

Faraway travel

Ever since the birth of Brooklyn Beckham, location-based names have been on the rise but the next 12 months will see a shift towards particularly exotic and faraway destinations.

After Made in Chelsea’s Binky named her baby India – the name has shot up in popularity – and Cairo, Israel and Dallas have also all started to take off.

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