Baby Names Meaning Calm

‘Calm’ might not be a popular adjective to describe most babies, but one can only hope that one’s child remains tranquil! Check out one of our baby names below to imbue your baby with a sense of calm (here’s hoping!)


The name dove is taken from the English vocabulary word of the same spelling and refers to the white bird that is a popular symbol of peace.


Galen is a unisex name, the name means ‘calm’ and ‘healer.’


Irene comes from the Greek word eiren, meaning ‘peace.’ This was the name of the Greek goddess who personified peace, and was also borne by several early Christian saints. In the English-speaking world, it was not regularly used until the 19th century.


Jaylan is a unisex name that has seen increased popularity in America in recent years. It is a modern variant of Jaylen, which descends from Jalon who was a descendant of Judah. The itself means ‘calm.’


Popular in other European countries, particularly in Spain and Italy, Paloma derives from the Latin word Palumbus meaning a pigeon or a dove.


This is an Italian baby boy’s name that means ‘placid.’ The female version of the name is Placida, and both would make very unique baby name choices.


Serenity is a name taken from the English word for ‘calm.’ Like Charity or Hope, it is a virtue name and is of English and French origin.


Shiloh comes from a place name in the bible, and means ‘sanctuary’ or ‘tranquil.’ Shiloh was a sanctuary near Jericho. It was predominantly a masculine name until recently, but Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gave the name to their daughter which has spurred use of the name for girls.


This is a Scandinavian boy’s name most likely meaning ‘calm’ or ‘at rest.’


Yunus is the Arabic version of the English Jonas. Yunus means ‘dove.’

We hope you have enjoyed our list of baby names meaning calm and that we’ve helped you find your perfect baby name!