Baby Names Meaning Handsome

If your baby is a handsome little thing, why not choose a name that matches just how good looking he is? Some of the names below can also be used for baby girls too!


Beau has had a surge in popularity recently. It originates from France and like Belle, its feminine counterpart, means ‘beautiful.’ It can sometimes be used as a girl’s name too.


Cavan is an uncommon boy’s name of Irish and Gaelic origin. Meaning ‘handsome,’ Cavan is also the name of a town in Ireland.


Hasnain was developed as a mixture of the Arabic names Hussain and Hassan. Generally the name Hasnain means ‘handsome one.’


Iolo is the diminutive of Iorwerth, a Welsh boy’s name meaning ‘handsome lord.’ This name is sometimes used as a Welsh form of Edward.


Jamal is often found as a surname as well as a given name. It has associations with male beauty.


Jamil is a common Arabic boy’s name, and is a variant of the more popular name Jamal. Both are common as given names and surnames and are popular among Muslim families in America.


In the Old Testament, Jemima was the eldest daughter of Job. Although its peak of popularity was in the 19th century, it is still used today. It means ‘handsome.’


Kenneth is a popular boy’s name of Gaelic origin. Kenneth derives from the Gaelic ‘coinneach’ which means ‘handsome’ and it also means ‘ reborn.’ Often shortened to Ken or Kenny, the name was at its highest popularity in the early 20th century and is less common since.


Mackenzie derives from the Gaelic surname McKenzie, originally MacCoinneach. The meaning of the name varies. For a girl it is said to mean ‘the fairest’ yet as a boy’s name it means ‘handsome one.’


Sohail is an Arabic term meaning ‘handsome’, ‘brilliant’, ‘noble’, ‘glorious’, ‘easy-going’ and ‘peaceful.’

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