Baby Names Meaning Noble

If you are looking for a baby name that conveys a sense of nobility, regality and power, the look no further than our list of baby names meaning noble! All of these names would be perfect for a little noblewoman or nobleman.


A popular name among European royal families. It became popular in Britain in the late 19th century, thanks to Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert. The name means ‘noble’ or ‘bright’/’famous.’


Ada is sometimes used as a pet form of Adele, but is also a name in its own right. The name means ‘noble.’


Alisha, a modern form of Alice and Alicia, also means ‘noble.’ This is the most common spelling.


Ethel, an Old English name meaning ‘noble,’ was popular in the early 1900s.


Greek in origin, the common shortened form of Eugene is Gene. It means ‘noble’ or ‘wellborn.’


Heidi is a Swiss pet form of Adelheid, the German form of Adelaide. As such, it shares the same meaning of ‘noble.’


The name Nabil is said to mean ‘noble’ and is quite a popular name with Muslim parents.


Patricia is the feminine version of the Gaelic name Patrick. Both names derive from the Latin ‘patricius,’ a title given to a nobleman, so the name means ‘noble.’


Although the name Patrick derives from the Latin ‘patricius,’ a title given to distinguish a nobleman, it is considered a Gaelic name. Patrick is the name of the patron saint of Ireland.


Syeda is a name of Arabic origin, which is equivalent to the popular masculine Muslim name Syed. The meaning of the word is said to be ‘noble’.

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