Baby Names Meaning Peace

All of us want a sense of peace and calm, especially with a new baby, which makes life quite hectic at times! Or perhaps you are a bit of a flower child and want your baby to be imbued with a sense of calm. Look no further and check out our list of baby names meaning peace? Perhaps they will become a peaceful baby because of it!


Arina is an unusual name. It is a variant of Irina, the Russian equivalent of the name Irene. It is most predominately found in Russia. The name itself means ‘peaceful.’


Axel, which is Hebrew in origin, is a common name in Scandinavia, central Europe and America. The name means ‘father of peace.’


This name is very popular among followers of the Christian faith due to the symbolism of a dove, peace and the Holy Spirit. It also became popular due to St. Columba who was an influential Irish missionary in the 16th century. The name means ‘peace.’


Frederick is of Old German origin and is comprised of the words for ‘peace’ and ‘ruler.’ The name failed following its Norman introduction, but was resurrected in the 18th century.


Frida is a variant of the more commonly found Freida. The name means ‘peaceful.’


Humphrey is a common surname and an uncommon given name of Old German origin. The name means ‘peaceful warrior.’


Jeffrey is a common English boy’s name. The name Geoffrey is the precursor to Jeffrey, from the German Gottfried meaning ‘God’s peace.’


The name Jonah features in the Bible in the legendary tale of Jonah and the whale. Yonah is the original form of this name and influences how it is pronounced in some languages. The name means ‘peace.’


This Japanese name is written using the characters of ‘kazu’, meaning ‘peace and harmony,’ along with ‘mi’ which means ‘beautiful.’ It is most commonly found in Japan and can be used for both boys and girls.


Serenity is a name taken from the English word for ‘calm.’ Like Charity or Hope, it is a virtue name and is of English and French origin.