Baby Names Meaning Pure

All babies are pure and innocent when they come into this world and we all hope that they retain at least a small sense of that as they grow up. Below is a list of baby names meaning pure, which will hopefully help maintain your child’s purity!


Aneurin is a mistranscription of the name Aneirin; a scribal mistake in the 17th century has made this variant the far more common version of the name today. This Welsh boy’s name means ‘pure.’


A popular girl’s name in Greece, this is also a boy’s name in Tunisia. In Arabic, Anis means ‘friendly’ and in Greek, ‘pure’ or ‘holy.’


Caitlyn is an alternative spelling of Caitlin, itself the Irish form of Katharine. Caitlyn is a well-loved name in English-speaking countries and is especially popular in America. The name means ‘pure.’


Diana was the Roman goddess of the moon and virginity. The name increased in popularity after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.


Ines is a variant of the name Agnes, which is Greek in origin and means ‘pure’. The form Ines is the Spanish version of the name. It is popular in Spanish-speaking countries, especially Mexico.


Kadie is a modern name which has come about as an elongated version of the name Kay or a variation of the popular name Katie. Most of these names come from the Greek name Kathoros which means ‘pure.’


A Danish equivalent of Katherine introduced to America by Scandinavian settlers. This name also means ‘pure.’


Safa is a name of Arabic origin and it means ‘pure.’ It is popular in Middle Eastern countries and is also a name given to a park in Dubai.


Shivam is a variant of Shiva, the name of a Hindu god and a popular name of Hindi and Sanskrit origin. The name means ‘pure.’


Tahira is the feminine version of the Arabic masculine name Tahir. The name means ‘pure’ and is often favoured by Muslim parents.

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