Top 10 Names for March

Happy April, reader! With the arrival of April, it seems as if Spring has also settled – lets keep our fingers crossed for some sunshine and good weather to bask in.

Since it’s a new month, it is time to review the top 10 names of March 2017. There were few changes to the names themselves, although they have shifted in ranking a little bit. Poppy, which was number 2 on the February 2017 list, has been kicked off the list completely and has been replaced by Ayat.

Zayan continues to stay strong and remains number one, while Sumaiya and Aqsa have come up two places. Finley dropped the most, going from sixth place to tenth place in March.

Darcie, Iyla and Albie all remain strong – Albie has been on the top 10 list for the last two months, presumably due to Stephanie Davis’ baby name choice.

Check out the name list below!

1) Zayan (NO CHANGE)

2) Sumaiya (↑2)

3) Aqsa (↑2)

4) Anam (↓1)

5) Darcie (↑3)

6) Ayat (NEW)

7) Iyla (↓1)

8) Albie (↑2)

9) Ayra (↓2)

10) Finley (↓4)

Note: This is data from and should not be taken as official data from any government bodies.