Top 10 Names for September

This was originally posted on October 16, 2014

With the year coming into the final quarter it is clear that the trend for baby names has been set, and it doesn’t look like it will be changing any time soon.  Undoubtedly we have had a few interesting names pop up in the top ten over the year, but the traditional names have won through.  It is exciting to see such a difference from the beginning of last year when slightly unique names were definitely popular.

We’ll begin by looking at the names which you rated highest in the September, as always our ratings are out of 5, and you can see from the chart below that traditional names win again!

Name Rating  Change
Emily 4.17  ↑4
Freya 4  RE-ENTRY
Ruby 3.6  ↑4
Florence 3.5  RE-ENTRY
Emma 3.5  RE-ENTRY
Annya 3.5  NEW
Noah 3.45  RE-ENTRY
Kevin 3.31  NEW
Manha 3.3  NEW
Chloe 3.29  RE-ENTRY

In September girls have dominated the top ten, with only two boys names, Noah and Kevin, entering the chart.  Noah has been a name which has dropped in and out of the chart for a long time now.  Emily reached the top of the chart after also reaching the top in June, it rose four places from the chart in August.  Freya re-entered into the chart in 2nd place, and Ruby also rose four places to 3rd.  Florence, Emma and Chloe also re-entered the chart, Chloe hasn’t been in the top ten for over a year!

We also saw three new names enter the top ten in September, with Annya, Kevin and Manha appearing in the chart.  Annya is an interesting alternative way of spelling Anya and could certainly be seen as unique.  It is surprising to see Kevin hit the top ten, as it doesn’t seem to be a popular name at the moment, will it stay in the top ten next month?  Manha, a girls name, is of Arabic origin and is another surprise in the top ten.  We also compile a chart of your favourite names in the past month, these are names you have added to your name lists so it is likely to be names you have chosen for your babies.

Name Change
Ethan ↑2
Olivia ↑8
Chloe NEW
Oliver ↑3
Amelia ↓3
Charlie RE-ENTRY

A surprise meet us in this chart as Elsie remains in 9th place, we don’t often see names staying in the same position!  We also had a new name appear in your favourite list, Chloe.  Chloe also managed to make the top ten rated baby names this month too, so you obviously love Chloe at the moment.  Ethan rose two places to take the top spot, with Olivia climbing eight places to come into 2nd.  We also saw Oliver and Amelia fall and rise three places respectively.

We also had four different names re-enter the favourite chart this month, with Charlie (the only unisex name to hit the top ten), Erin, Alfie and Jacob all reappearing in September.  It is no surprise that your favourite name lists change frequently as there are so many traditional baby names that you can choose from, and with the popularity of such names at the moment we are likely to see a variety of different names re-enter the chart over the coming months.

See you at the beginning of November for a look back at what baby names you liked this month!