Creative Ways To Reveal Your Baby’s Gender

Recently, an expecting couple have gone the extra mile to reveal their baby’s gender to their family and friends. Their video has gone viral on Facebook for the creative way they did their gender reveal, which involved using the exhaust from their pickup truck to spray out a plume of pink smoke to tell their loved ones they are having a girl. Now that is a memorable gender reveal!

However, your own baby gender reveal does not have to be so elaborate. There are lots of simple but still very creative and effective ways to tell everyone whether you’re having a girl or a boy. Hosting a party has become very popular in the recent years, but we have a few more inventive ways to make your baby gender reveal an event to remember.

1) Say it with balloons

One way to make a fun little video to send to your friends and family is blowing up either a pink or blue balloon on screen. Keep the suspense by turning you back to the camera to blow it up, then spin around to reveal the colour. Another balloon idea is to hide some pink or blue balloons in a box and open it up to let the balloons float out. Not only will this be a great way to announce the baby’s gender, but it’ll also make a nice little keepsake.

Couple with pink balloons

2) Decorate your bump

If you want to take a creative photo instead of a video, a great way to reveal your baby’s gender is to decorate your baby bump with some coloured ribbon in pink or blue. This will again be a great keepsake that you can display on your wall and will also have your friends and family pumped up with excitement.

Baby bump with pink ribbon

3) Make a game out of it 

A piñata is already a great party game, so use it to reveal the gender of your baby! Fill it with either blue or pink sweets (or you can also use confetti, glitter, ribbons…the options are endless!) and have your guests hit it until it explodes!

Baby gender reveal pinata

4) Toast the occasion 

Everyone loves a good drink, and even though alcohol and pregnancy probably isn’t a good idea, you can always still indulge in other fizzy drinks or non-alcoholic champagnes. Colour it pink or blue with some food dye and you have a nifty little baby gender reveal.

Baby reveal drinks

5) Let them eat cake

This is a great option for a baby shower surprise. Get a cake that is completely covered in white icing on the outside, but the inside has either pink or blue coloured cake. When you into it, your friends and family will be able to see if you are having a baby girl or a baby boy and also enjoy a sweet treat afterwards.

Baby reveal cake

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