How to Keep Your Kids Staying Active

Children are increasingly staying indoors to play on their PlayStation or watch telly all day. Instead of running around and kicking a football, they’re spending their whole lives in front of screens. It’s not only children who are guilty of this – adults are too, from looking at their work computer to looking at their phones, we are letting technology run our lives. If you want to keep your kids (and yourself!) active, check out our tips and tricks to getting your kids up and moving around. These idas will not only keep your children fit, but it’ll also let you have precious family time together.

No Cars! 

A simple way to get your children to be active is to encourage them to ride their bike or go on walks with their friends instead of getting you to give them a lift to places. Do your children need a lift into town? Tell them to get there on their bikes. Not only will this get them moving, you’ll also be saving on petrol and doing the environment a favour. It’s three birds with one stone!

Be Charitable

Charity events are a great way to get your children to stay active, while also raising awareness for a good cause and teaching your children the value of charity. These could be anything from a fun run to charity sports games. Not only will you all stay active, it is a great way to bond as a family.

Man’s Best Friend

Now, this might be a big commitment so think carefully before you carry out this piece of advice. A fantastic way to encourage your children to be active is getting a family pet. A dog will probably be your best bet, as they require lots of outdoor exercise that your children will be responsible for. If that is too much of a long term investment, try having them looking after a friend or family member’s pet for a few days or volunteer at an animal shelter for some puppy fun.

DIY a Project Together

Your children will probably have lots of time to kill during the school holidays, so come up with a DIY project that they can get involved in. You can all pitch in and build a treehouse, or your own waterpark in your backyard to keep the heat away. Afterwards, you can invite family and friends to show off your creation.


Spend Your Weekends Wisely

Instead of cooping yourself up at home or going shopping on the high street, take your family out to the park, have a picnic and throw a frisbee around. You can also go rollerblading or indoor rock climbing and when it gets colder, ice skating. The possibilities are endless for healthy activities.

Join a Sports Club

Joining a sports club is a great way to commit you and your children to regular exercise. If you are on a team, you have to show up so you don’t let them down, so this is a great way to make sure you and your family get moving, at least for a few days out of the week. This is also more fun than going to the gym alone!

Take a Healthy Holiday

Instead of going on a regular old holiday, try a healthy holiday that is activity-based. Beach holidays and camping holidays are two obvious examples, but there are holiday packages that are specific for families who want to try their hand at sports and activities. These are a great way to make sure you are getting one or two weeks of fun exercise.

We hope you find these tips helpful and interesting! Don’t forget to share them with your family and friends to keep your children active and away from the television!

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