Jane Austen Baby Names

Jane Austen is one of the most beloved authors of our time and her characters are universally cherished by readers. If you love Jane Austen’s writing, why not pay homage to her by considering of the baby names below?


Caroline comes from the Latin name Carolina. It is thought to have been rst borne by Lady Caroline Lamb, the mistress of Lord Byron.


From the Germanic word ‘karl’, which means ‘free man.’ Charles was a popular name in the 17th century, thanks to its royal usage during that time.


The name Edmund derives from two elements of the Old English language: ‘ead’, meaning ‘riches’, and ‘mund’, which means ‘protection’.


From Elisabet, the Greek form of the Hebrew name Elisheva. The name was made popular by Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century and is still favoured by royals.


Originally a Frankish name, Emma was first used as a short form of names such as Ermintrude.


St George is the patron saint of England, and is well known from the legend of St George and the dragon. Popularity was bolstered in the 18th century when George I became King of England.


Henry is a German name adopted by Normans who introduced it to Britain. It quickly became a favoured royal name and was most notoriously borne by King Henry VIII.


Jane was originally a feminine form of John, but is now a given name in its own right.


Lydia was originally a place name for an area in Asia. In the New Testament, Lydia was converted by St Paul to Christianity.


Mary is a Middle English form of the Hebrew name Miriam. Mary was the name of the Mother of Christ, the Virgin Mary. As a result the name was very popular among early Christians. The name was popular until the 1960s when it declined.