Meaning:father is glad


Pronunciation:ah bee

Variations:Abbey, Abbi, Abby, Abbie

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About Abi

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Abi is an eternally youthful sounding name because of it’s short syllables and the way it rolls off the tongue. This is a great choice for parents looking for something particularly girly.

Detailed Meaning

Abi is a short form of the feminine name Abigail. It is not generally used as a name in its own right. The forms Abby or Abbie developed for this purpose. Abigail is of Hebrew origin and is said to mean ‘Father is Glad’. The name was extremely popular in the 17th century, until its overuse caused it to fall in popularity. It is however now coming back into fashion.

Famous People With This Name

Abbie Cornish is an Australian actress and rapper. Abby Elliott is an American comedian and actress who was on four seasons of “Saturday Night Live.” Abbie Myers is an Australian tennis player.

Possible Nicknames

One possible nickname option is Ab, although Abbie in itself can be argued is already a nickname.

Related Names

Abi can also be spelt: Abbey, Abbi, Abby and Abbie. It is also related to the name Abigail.

Stories Featuring This Name

Abbie Carmichael is a character on the long running drama, “Law and Order.” Abby Cadabby is a character on “Sesame Street.” Abby is one of the main characters of the vampire film, “Let Me In.”

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