Meaning:god answered


Pronunciation:an a ya

Variations:Anaia, Anaiya, Anayah

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About Anaya

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Anaya is a lovely spelling of the more traditional Anaia, helping to keep the name fresh. It would be a great choice for any parent looking for something unique and unusual.

Detailed Meaning

This female name is a variant of the traditional form which is spelt Anaia, however, the name is commonly shortened to the pet form of Naya. This name is taken from the Indian (Sanskrit) origin and although was most commonly used as a masculine name it has transferred into a feminine name over time.

Famous People With This Name

As this is a fairly rare name, there are not very many people who are famous who also have this name.

Possible Nicknames

Possible nicknames for Anaya include Ana, Naya and YaYa.

Related Names

Anaya can also be spelt Anaia, Anaiya and Anayah.

Stories Featuring This Name

Since Anaya is a fairly rare name, we cannot track down any stories that feature this name, unfortunately.

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