Pronunciation:bry o nee

Variations:Briony, Brioni, Brionie, Bryoni, Bryonie

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About Bryony

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This would be a great name choice for any nature loving parents who want their little girl to have a plant-related name.

Detailed Meaning

This name of a Greek climbing plant has connotations of nature and life.

Famous People With This Name

Bryony Gordon is an English journalist. Bryony Shaw is an English Olympic windsurfer who won a bronze medal in the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing. Bryony Afferson is an English actress and musican.

Possible Nicknames

A possible nickname for Bryony is Bri.

Related Names

Bryony can also be spelt: Brioni, Brionie, Briony, Bryoni and Bryonie.

Stories Featuring This Name

Bryony is the main character from R.J Anderson’s “Knife” book series. Bryony is a character in the animated film, “Arthur Christmas.”

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