Pronunciation:ez me

Variations:Esme, Ezmae, Ezmai

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About Esmee

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The feminine name Esmee is the anglicized version of the name Esme, which comes from a French word meaning ‘Respected’. In its original French form it was used as a name for both boys and girls but nowadays it is rarely found as a boy’s name, especially in Britain where it is a specifically feminine name.

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Emily Girl 5 One who excels Facts
Ella Girl 9 All bright Facts
Evie Girl 16 Life Facts
Evelyn Girl 19 Bird Facts
Elsie Girl 22 Promised by God Facts
Edward Boy 24 Guardian of prosperity Facts
Ethan Boy 25 Firm; long-lived Facts
Eva Girl 33 Living Facts
Emilia Girl 34 One who excels Facts
Esme Girl 38 Respected Facts

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