Pronunciation:roh zee nah / roh see nah

Variations:-Coming Soon-

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About Rosina

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Rosina is one of many variants of the favourite feminine name Rose. Rose comes from the name of the flower which is Latin in origin. The variant Rosina came about as an elaboration on Rosa. These versions of Rose are most commonly found in Italy and Spain.

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Name Gender Rank Meaning
Name Gender Rank Meaning
Rosie Girl 26 rose Facts
Ruby Girl 32 red gemstone Facts
Reuben Boy 42 behold, a son Facts
Reggie Boy 45 ruler with counsel Facts
Rory Boy 47 red haired king Facts
Riley Boy 58 rye wood Facts
Rose Girl 60 Rose Facts
Roman Boy 62 citizen of rome Facts
Ronnie Boy 66 open minded Facts
Robyn Girl 72 bright fame Facts

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