8 Parenting Hacks That Will Change Your Life as a New Parent

Parenting hack #3: Vests can be pulled downwards

Vests pulled downwards parenting hacks

Young babies are rather prone to poo explosions. It goes everywhere. All up their backs and more often than not leaks through to their vests. And then the last thing you want to do is to try and navigate manoeuvring a poo-stained vest over your darling baby’s face (all the while trying not to spread the poo further).

Well, newsflash, you don’t have to!

The little shoulder flaps at the top of most baby vests are actually designed so you can pull the vest down and off past their feet.

Just unpop any buttons at the bottom of the vest and use the shoulder flaps to roll the vest down.

Why they don’t teach this at NCT we’ll never know!