8 Parenting Hacks That Will Change Your Life as a New Parent

Parenting hack #4: Download some free white noise apps

White noise parenting hacks

Lots of very young babies love white noise.

The calming sound is said to emulate a womb-like environment – and it helps babies stay in a deep sleep by drowning out any background noise that might wake them when they go through a period of ‘sleep arousal’ in their sleep cycle.

Lots of parents say they actually find it very relaxing to have on while they’re sleeping too.

There are quite a few white noise products on the market to buy – but before you splash the cash try just downloading one of the free apps available or streaming some via Spotify.

(The hoover, a fan and hairdryers all do the trick too, but aren’t too practical or environmentally-friendly if you want white noise you can leave on overnight).