8 Parenting Hacks That Will Change Your Life as a New Parent

Parenting hack #5: Give medicine through a bottle teat

Calpol through bottle teat parenting hacks

Trying to give a young baby medicine can be really tricky.

Hopefully there won’t be many instances when you need to do it, but if your little one has their vaccinations, they’ll need Calpol (or equivalent) as young as eight weeks. While the syringe that comes with Calpol is helpful, a lot of it still does end up spilling out of their mouth.

This can make you really anxious when you’re a new parent as it’s hard to know if they’ve gotten their full dose or not – plus your baby can get quite distressed as they won’t know what the syringe is.

A little trick to make it easier is to squirt the syringe through a bottle teat!

No wastage, no tears and a happy mum and baby. Phew.