8 Parenting Hacks That Will Change Your Life as a New Parent

Parenting hack #6: Use coconut oil to make cleaning first poos easier

Coconut oil parenting hacks

Not something you’d necessarily think about packing in your hospital bag, but some coconut oil (or Vaseline) can help make cleaning those first few tarry-like poos much easier!

Put the oil on when you put on your baby’s nappy (so before they’ve done a poo) and it then stops the poo from sticking to the skin – and potentially making it sore.

This isn’t an essential just a nice-to-know but as the advice is to just use cotton wool and water to clean a baby for the first few days as their skin is so sensitive – it can be really messy.

Coconut oil is also really handy for cradle cap too. Put a bit on to soften the cradle cap and then it will be much easier to wash off.