Pixar Baby Names

Pixar’s animated films are considered some of the best in the world and they have in turns made us smile, laugh and cry with their stories. We’ve taken some of the best characters from the films to put int our Pixar baby name list – check them out below!


Originally a pet form of Andrew, Andy is now a name in its own right. It is used as both a boy’s and a girl’s name, although its spelling variant Andi is specifically feminine.


The name Bruce was originally a Scottish surname, notably belonging to Robert Bruce, a Scottish king in the 14th century.


Carl derives from the Old English word ‘ceorl’ meaning ‘free man.’ It is also the German form of Charles.


Colette is a French feminine form of Colle, the medieval short form of Nicholas. Colette is also a shortened form of the name Nicolette.


In the Christian tradition, Eve, from the Hebrew ‘havva,’ was the first woman. Eve also means ‘animal.’


The English form of the name borne in the New Testament by two of Christ’s disciples, James son of Zebedee and James son of Alphaeus. James is a royal name in Britain associated with James I of Scotland.


Jessie is often used as a pet form of the names Jessica and Jess and is often seen as a unisex name in its own right.


A common short form of the Hebrew name Michael, now given as a first name in its own right.


Remy is a unisex French name. It means ‘from Rheims,’ which is a town in central France, famous for its champagnes and brandies.


Russell, like Rowan, means ‘red-haired,’ yet is derived from an Old French nickname.