Royal Baby Names

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle expecting their first baby in 2019, royal baby names are the talk of the town and speculation is rife as to what name they’ll choose.

Harry has never been one to conform to the pressures of the royal family, meaning we could see a move away from strict tradition for something more alternative.

However, with traditional names more in-vogue than ever, it seems likely it won’t be anything too off-piste.

We’ve rounded up our pick of potential royal baby names, with details on their meaning, so if you’re looking at placing bets for the latest royal baby name or you just want to name your little one a historic, royal-inspired name, we’ve got you covered…

(George, Charlotte and Louis have all been ruled out as while they’re lovely names we imagine it would be slightly controversial to pinch the names of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children).

Royal boy names


Albert is actually the most popular royal boy name of all time (there are 12 royals with the name) and it’s also one of Prince Harry’s own middle names.

Of German origin, it’s linked to brilliance and nobility, both fine traits of a future royal.


A strong name, Alexander – meaning “to defend” – is a popular royal name (it’s one of young Prince George’s middle names).

With the potential to be shortened, in the same way that Harry opted for the less formal version of his name (which is actually Henry), Alexander could become Alex if The Duke and Duchess of Sussex wanted a traditional name with a modern twist.


The current bookies’ favourite for a boy (and also cited as one of the names set to explode in popularity next year), Arthur is most famously associated with King Arthur.


A fitting nod to Prince Harry’s father (and the baby’s grandfather), Charles is also another of Harry’s middle names.

Ranked 73 in the ONS rankings last year (Charlie is currently a much more popular alternative), it could well see a resurgence in popularity if deemed good enough for Harry and Meghan.


With the lovely meaning of “darling” or “beloved”, David has strong biblical roots as well as royal ones.

As the final of Prince Harry’s middle names it has to be another strong contender if the baby is a boy.

Royal girl names


Just behind Arthur in the current betting odds, Alice is of french origin and as well as its royal connections, it has a big literary tie.

Meaning “of noble kind”, it would make the perfect name for a princess.


Another bookie favourite, if Prince Harry and Meghan do name their baby girl Diana the nation’s hearts would undoubtedly melt.

The name of William and Harry’s late mother means “pure”, which seems very fitting. Princess Charlotte has it as a middle name.


A more unusual choice, Eleanor is a pretty name meaning “light”.

With a variety of spellings, the royals could opt to make it even more unique with a twist on the traditional spelling in a nod to Meghan’s own name.


Jane has not been particularly popular in recent times. Despite its literary and royal connections its ranked just outside of the top 1000 baby girl names.

If the royals are after something surprising but still traditional this could be a lovely choice though, and would no doubt catapult the name back up the rankings.


Alongside Elizabeth, Victoria is probably one of the first names that springs to mind when you think of the royals.

Meaning “victory”, the name has latin origins, and currently sits just inside the top 100 baby girl names.

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