Unusual Baby Names

Just because these names are a bit unusual (by unusual, we mean that they might not immediately come to mind as a baby name idea) does not mean they aren’t great choices for your baby! All of these are somewhat off the beaten track but if you’re looking for a memorable baby name, these will be perfect for you.


Absalom is a biblical name which means ‘father of peace’. It is believed to be the name of the third son of King David but isn’t very commonly used due to its relationship with grief within the Bible.


Barnaby shares its meaning of ‘son of consolation’ with Barnabas. It is an alternative to the popular name.


The girl’s name Cosima is derived from the Greek name Kosmas. In the 4th century St Cosmas was martyred along with his brother.


Thought to have derived directly from the name for a cleric in the Christian church who is not yet a priest or minister. It is a common surname in Britain and is now also used as a first name.


Inigo is a boy’s name popular in Spain. The name is derived from Ignatius, which is thought to come from the Roman name Egnatius, meaning ‘unknowing’ in Latin.


Seren is given to both males and females and means ‘star,’ but is uncommon in the UK outside of Wales.


Torin is a name often thought to be an anglicised form of the Gaelic name Torfhinn, meaning ‘chief,’ or Toirneach, meaning ‘thunder’ (and thus linked to Thor, Norse god of thunder).


Una comes from the Latin for the number one, and was traditionally given to the first-born child.


Uriah is a biblical name. It can be shortened to Uri and means ‘God is light.’


Wade is a popular name of Old English and Scandinavian origin, meaning ‘able to go.’