Vintage Baby Girl Names

We’ve had a list of vintage baby boy names, so now it’s time for the girls!

Traditional and old-fashioned names are more popular than ever but these vintage names are still that little bit unusual.

So, if you’re looking for a pretty girls name with a nod to the past, check out our list below.

Let us know if you would choose any of these names for your little girl.


Ada is sometimes used as a pet form of Adele, but is also a name in its own right. It means ‘noble.’


Derived from the Latin word ‘beatus,’ Beatrice means ‘happy.’


Cecilia is derived from the Latin ‘caecus’ which means ‘blind’. It was introduced to the UK in the medieval period and is also a feminine equivalent of the name Cecil.


Dorothy, from the Greek Dorothea, is a combination of the words ‘doron’ and ‘theos’, meaning ‘gift’ and ‘God’ respectively.


An Old French respelling of the Old Provencal name Alienor. Introduced to England in the 12th century by Eleanor of Aquitaine who came from France to wed King Henry II.


The feminine equivalent of Francis, an Italian nickname for a man from France.


The name Josephine is one of the feminine versions of the biblical name Joseph and shares its meaning of ‘God will give more.’


Lydia was originally a place name for an area in Asia. In the New Testament, Lydia was converted by St Paul to Christianity.


Maeve is a phonetically spelt variation of the Irish name Meadhbh. Maeve is the name of a powerful gure in Irish mythology.


The name Nell has roots in Old English, Latin, Greek and Arabic, however its meaning is always associated with light. Nell was originally a shortened form for names such as Helen, Eleanor and Danielle.