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Baby Name Generator

Want to settle on a name but can't seem to put the pieces together? Then make the most of our random baby namer! Simply fill out the fields below and we will generate you a random name from our database. You can add your surname too, letting you view the potential name in context. Feel free to click the names to learn more about them or click the "Generate another name" button to view more random names. Questionnaire

Who is your favourite: Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood?

  • Mary
  • Paul

How often do you bake?

  • More than once a week
  • Once a week
  • Once every couple of weeks
  • Once a month
  • A few times a year
  • I don't bake

What do you think of Iain's Beard?

  • Hate it - I bet it's filled with crumbs!
  • Love it - Finally, a baking lumberjack!

Would you say Mary Berry has influenced your baking?

  • Yes
  • No

Do you bake more when Great British Bake-Off is on?

  • Yes - it inspires me!
  • No - I watch but don't bake

Who do you think will win Great British Bake Off?

  • Richard Burr
  • Norman Calder
  • Nancy Birtwhistle
  • Martha Collison
  • Luis Troyano
  • Kate Henry
  • Jordan Cox
  • Iain Watters
  • Diana Beard
  • Chetna Makan

What is your favourite treat to bake?

  • Cakes
  • Bread
  • Pies
  • Pasties
  • Biscuits
  • Tarts

Thanks for filling out this short survey!

  • Thank you for answering this short survery, the results will be published within the next couple of weeks.