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Born in early 2007, BabyNames.co.uk is the UK’s most popular baby names website, with over 20 million visitors since we’ve began!

With detailed and lovingly curated information on thousands of names which are organised by A-Z, including meaning, origin, pronunciation and famous namesakes, BabyNames.co.uk is designed as the first port of call for new parents as they start their pregnancy journey. You can also input middle names and surnames to see how your baby’s full name will look, and also how they will look with any siblings’ names.

BabyNames.co.uk is not only a fabulous resource for browsing potential names for your child, but also a great site for organisation, advice and discussion. Create a BabyNames.co.uk account to make a shortlist of all your favourite names, get advice from our fantastic community and check out our blog where there are daily articles about pregnancy, parenting and of course, baby names!

Whilst we get lots of expectant parents looking for the perfect name for their baby, we also welcome all of those fascinated by names as well!

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