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Gender: Girl Meaning: Graceful in May Origin: English Pronunciation: GREY see MAY Related Names: No related names

Gracie-Mai: Popularity

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784th most popular girls name in the UK

56 recorded births
in 2012

User rating:  Star: on Star: on Star: on Star: off Star: off ( 2.97 from 116 votes )

Additional information about the name Gracie-Mai:

Double barrelled first names are a more modern creation. They are probably inspired by the double barrelled surnames frequently found in English speaking countries. The meaning of the name can be taken to be a mixture of its two parts theoretically. Gracie is a pet form of the feminine name Grace which is what we call a virtue name and is popular amongst Christian parents. Mai is a spelling variant of May which could be associated with the month or could be a pet form of the feminine name Mabel. This name would be perfect for a little girl born in May, where a little individuality is also desired.

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