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Gender: Girl Meaning: The Grace of God Origin: English Pronunciation: GRAY see MAY Related Names: Gracey-May, Graci-Mai, Gracie-Mae

Gracie-May: Popularity

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608th most popular girls name in the UK

61 recorded births
in 2012

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Additional information about the name Gracie-May:

Double barrelled first names are a more modern creation. They are probably inspired by the double barrelled surnames frequently found in English speaking countries. The meaning of the name can be taken to be a mixture of its two parts theoretically. Gracie is a pet form of Grace, which is from the English vocabulary word and has Christian religious connotations. May can be found as a short version of Mabel but is usually used in terms of the month of May, and for baby girls born then. We can gauge the meaning of the name to be along the lines of ‘The Grace of God’ and this would be a suitable name for a girl born in May.

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