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Gender: Unisex Meaning: Bright Origin: French Pronunciation: LAY nee Related Names: Lainey, Laini, Lainie, Laynee

Laney: Popularity

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1537th most popular unisex name in the UK

25 recorded births
in 2012

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Additional information about the name Laney:

Laney is a name that has become popular quite recently in French speaking Canada. Here its popularity could be linked to the existence of the French surname Delaney. Many surnames over time become adopted as forenames. If this is the case the name would not really have any distinct meaning or sex assigned to it. Its use for a boy or girl would usually be determined phonetically, that is, would be used depending on whether it ‘sounded’ like a boy’s or a girl’s name. Laney sounds quite neutral and could be used for either a girl or a boy. However, in other places the name is used specifically as a girl’s name, where it is the pet form of the feminine name Elaine. Here still it is of French origin as Elaine is the French version of the old Greek name Helen, meaning ‘Bright’.

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