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Gender: Unisex Meaning: Various Origin: Russian Pronunciation: nee KEE ath Related Names: Nicita, Nichita, Nikitah

Nikita: Popularity

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751st most popular unisex name in the UK

69 recorded births
in 2012

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Additional information about the name Nikita:

Nikita comes from various sources and as such had different meanings associated with it. In its original masculine form it is Russian in origin and said to mean ‘Undefeated’. It is however a more feminine sounding name and as such it has been used in different languages as one. It became especially popular as a girl’s name after a French film called ‘La Femme Nikita’ was produced in the 90’s. There was then an America TV program based on it and this lead to its popularity in the States. It also finds routes in from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Earth’ and is used as a name for both sexes in India.

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