Meaning:song, hymn



Variations:Carole, Carroll

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About Carol

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Carol is a lovely festive name that is perfect for parents who love Christmas. This is one of those rare names that are both traditional and seasonal – it is a normal enough name the rest of the year, but it really takes on new meaning and sparkle during the holidays.

Detailed Meaning

Carol is the short form of Caroline and the meaning is derived from the English vocabulary word for “song” or “hymn.” The name is also distantly related to the male names Charles, Carl and Carolus.

Famous People With This Name

Famous Carols include the singer Carol King, and the American actress Carol Channing, Olympian Carol Lewis (who is the sister of Carl Lewis), and journalist Carol Thatcher, who is Margaret Thatcher’s daughter.

Possible Nicknames

Carol is a name that has many nickname possibilities – Carrie, Car, Caro, Carly Rol, Rolly, Rolo…there are many variations that you can choose from.

Related Names

Related names include Caroline, Cara, Carly, and Carolina. Alternative spellings of the name include Carole and Carroll.┬áThe name should not be confused with Karol, which is a European boy’s name.

Stories Featuring This Name

Carol is the name of a 1958 Chuck Berry song, a Japanese anime and a book written by Patricia Highsmith. The book was recently turned into a film in 2015. The story follows a young woman named Therese (played by Rooney Mara) living in 1950s Manhattan, who starts an affair with an older woman, the titular Carol (played by Cate Blanchett).

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