Pronunciation:HI dee

Variations:Adelaide, Heidie, Heidy, Adelheid

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About Heidi

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Heidi is a distinctly alpine name, evoking images of milk maids in braids, standing on the side of a mountain. It gives off an air of sweet freshness, and the name is not so popular nowadays that many girls have it. This is an ideal choice for parents looking for a lovely baby girl name that won’t easily be found on school registers.

Detailed Meaning

Heidi is a Swiss pet form of Adelheid, the German form of Adelaide.

Famous People With This Name

Heidi Klum is a German supermodel and host of the reality show, “Project Runway.” Heidi Montag is an American television personality know for her role in the semi-reality show, “The Hills.” Heidi Range is a British singer who was in the girl bands “Atomic Kitten” and “Sugababes.”

Possible Nicknames

Heidi is a rather difficult name to create nicknames for, although one option is Didi.

Related Names

Heidi can also be spelt Heidie and Heidy. Related names include Adelheid and Adelaide, of which the name comes from.

Stories Featuring This Name

Heidi is the main character of the 1881 children’s book written by Swiss author Johanna Spyri, which also helped popularise the name.┬áHeidi is the name of a 1937 film staring Shirley Temple. Heidi is also the main character of the Japanese anime series, “Heidi, Girl of the Alps.”

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