Pronunciation:LAY see

Variations:Laci, Lacie, Lacy, Laycie, Laicee, Laicey

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About Lacey

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Lacey is a very sweet baby girl name that would be a great choice for parents looking for something feminine and cute.

Detailed Meaning

Lacey is a unisex name, taken from the surname Lassy. It could also derive from the fabric lace.

Famous People With This Name

Lacey Schwimmer is an American ballroom dancer and singer. Lacey Turner is an English born actress, currently playing Stacey Fowler in the BBC soap opera, “Eastenders.” Lacey Baker is an American pro skateboarder.

Possible Nicknames

A possible nickname choice for Lacey is Lace.

Related Names

Judith can also be spelt: Laci, Lacie, Lacy, Laicee, Laicey and Laycie.

Stories Featuring This Name

Lacey Hamiton is a character in the television show, “Awkward.” Lacey Pemberton is a one of the main characters from the book “Paper Towns” by John Green. Lacey Smithsonian is a character from the book and movie “Killer Hair.”

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