Pronunciation:oh lee yyah

Variations:-Coming Soon-

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About Oliwia

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Oliwia is the Polish equivalent of the feminine name Olivia, an extremely popular name in Britain. Olivia comes from the Latin ‘oliva’ which means olive. In Italy, Saint Oliva is thought of as the protector of olive crops.

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Name Gender Rank Meaning
Name Gender Rank Meaning
Olivia Girl 1 olive Facts
Oliver Boy 1 olive tree Facts
Oscar Boy 9 divine spear Facts
Orla Girl 87 precious princess Facts
Owen Boy 92 well born Facts
Ollie Boy 96 n/a Facts
Olly Boy 165 olive tree Facts
Oakley Boy 186 oak wood Facts
Oskar Boy 191 lover of deer Facts
Olive Girl 210 olive Facts

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